Helium balloons are a great idea for an original gift or to decorate a flat or a ballroom. Such an addition makes the place immediately unique. Balloon madness will surely capture the hearts of loved ones.

We fill with helium both balloons purchased in our florist and those delivered by customers. We add a ribbon to each inflated balloon. In the case of a large number of balloons, please contact us in advance so that we can arrange all the necessary details.

The balloons can be filled in person at the flower shop at ul. Patli 5 or order a ready-made one from our offer as an addition to the ordered flower arrangement with delivery to the address indicated.

Helium filling price list for latex balloons:

Standard latex balloon + sealing as standard 10"-11" (30cm) 3 zł 4 zł
12" (35cm) 3,5 zł 4,5 zł
14" (37cm) 4 zł 5 zł
Balloon - GIANT (round) 100 cm helium fill to size 60cm 50 zł  
100 cm helium fill to size 90cm 80 zł  

*We add a professional FLYluxe or Hi-Float gel to latex balloons, which seals it from the inside and extends the time it hovers in the air.

Pricelist of filling helium foil balloons:

Numbers and letters 26" 66cm 14 zł
34" 86cm 18 zł
40" 102cm 20zł

Shapes: hearts, stars, pillows.

For children: vehicles, animals, characters from fairy tales

18" 46cm 10 zł
24" 61cm 12 zł
30" 76cm 14 zł
36" 86cm 19 zł
40" 102cm 21zł
BUBBLE balloon (ellipse) 18" 37cm 10 zł
22" 55cm 12zł
24" 60cm 14 zł

Good to remember:

Number and letter balloons should be at least 70cm in size to fly.

BUBBLE balloons must be inflated no later than 20 minutes after being taken out of the packaging.